TDSS was founded in 1994 by Trevor X. Pereira with the purpose of developing an easy to use software package to improve Support department processes such as Transport, Housekeeping, etc. "Since none of the packages on the market adequately met the needs of these departments, the goal was to create a product that was:

  • Easy to use
  • Able to handle a large volume of calls
  • Able to provide accurate information to management
  • Help improve and automate processes
  • Be continuously updateable as the needs of the hospital and industry

In addition, we were determined to provide Excellent Customer Service which
no other company could duplicate or beat.

With these goals in mind, we have been growing at a tremendous rate. We
doubled our revenues in 2001 and doubled our revenues again in 2002. For
2003, we are on pace to triple our revenues. Our company has been growing
in size also. Besides our main offices in Carlsbad (California), we now
have people located in Dallas (Texas), Houston (Texas), St. Louis (Missouri)
and Edison (New Jersey). Our product offering has grown from one product
(Patient Transport Tracking) to 6 products.

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