Pre-Admissions Control Module  

The Pre-Admissions module allows a hospital to pre-admit patients until beds in the appropriate department are available. It shows the patients waiting for each area, the time elapsed, locations, etc. It also shows real time information on beds that are dirty, clean, in process, closed, etc. The hospital can customize their window/display information specifically for the person monitoring so that all the needed information is available at their fingertips. The system can also estimate when a room will be available depending on the expected discharges and housekeeping schedule. Also available is the Electronic Bed Board which functions similar to a whiteboard illustrating each bed (and status, tests, Dr. Attending, etc) for a given Unit such as ER. HL7 or custom interfaces can be provided to send or exchange information with external systems using the TDSS Interface Engine.

Available with the following technologies:
     · Interactive Voice Response (Telephone)
     · Microsoft SQL Server database for Hospital wide distribution
     · Web Portal (Internet Access)
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