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The TDSS Enterprise System includes the following products:

Patient Transport Module – Efficient tracking and scheduling of Patient and Material
movement within a hospital as well as assigning of tasks to transporters.

Housekeeping Module – Tracking, Scheduling, Prioritizing of Bed Cleaning calls within a hospital and assigning the tasks to housekeepers.

Electronic Bed Control Module – View Summarized information on ALL beds in real time within the hospital.

Pre-Admissions Module – Be able to pre-admit patients to the hospital and assign them to beds when they become available.


The following technologies are included:
     · One-way and Two-way Text Messaging (and Pagers)
     · Interactive Voice Response (Telephone)
     · Palm Pilot Systems
     · Microsoft SQL Server database for Hospital wide distribution
     · Web Portal (Internet Access)

The Enterprise System also includes the following with its annual support fee:
     · 24 x 7 support
     · Program Patches and Updates provided free
     · Unlimited additional reports can be requested if not in the current system.
     · New versions of program are provided free of charge

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