Phlebotomy (Lab) Paging Module  
The TDSS Phlebotomy Paging Module allows a Hospital Lab to assign blood draw requests to the appropriate Phlebotomist. The hospital can be divided into zones with phlebotomists assigned to those zones. Requests arrive by phone, IVR, Web Portal or Interface to the Hospital Information System (HIS).
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Bethesda North Hospital
When a call comes in from the floor, it can be assigned to a phlebotomist by a dispatcher or automatically by the system. 1-way or 2-way paging technology or IVR technology is used to assign the call to the phlebotomist. Also, Custom Reports can be created (if not present) that meets the hospitals needs.


Available with the following technologies:
     · One-way and Two-way Text Messaging (and Pagers)
     · Interactive Voice Response (Telephone)
     · Microsoft SQL Server database for Hospital wide distribution
     · Web Portal (Internet Access)
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