OR Task Tracker Module  
The TDSS OR Task Tracking Module is designed for large Hospitals with multiple Surgery Rooms (10 or more). It allows an OR Department to organize tasks within their multiple OR rooms. Tasks can range from Room Clean to Assist with Surgery and can be assigned to Nursing Assistants automatically through the system.
It is hard to believe the difference between our old process to the new system ... >> 
Good Samaritan Hospital
Depending on the size of the hospital, Surgery rooms can be divided into zones with assistants assigned to one or more zones. Requests are put into the TDSS System and are automatically assigned to assistants via a 2-way pager or IVR. Custom Reports can be created (if not present) that meets the hospitals needs.
Available with the following technologies:
     · One-way and Two-way Text Messaging (and Pagers)
     · Interactive Voice Response (Telephone)
     · Microsoft SQL Server database for Hospital wide distribution
     · Web Portal (Internet Access)
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