The TDSS Transport system enables a Hospital Patient Transport/Messenger Department to track Patient and Material movements throughout the hospital.

Calls are received either by phone, IVR, Web Portal or an Interface to the Hospital Information System. The calls are then
dispatched to transporters automatically or by a dispatcher. Calls can be prioritized as needed and transporters can be re-assigned based on the pending calls including Stat and Appointment calls.

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St. Luke's Regional Medical Center
Over 50 reports are available to help management evaluate Transporter productivity, Trends, Department delays, etc. In addition, data can be easily transferred to other programs for further evaluation and new reports can be created on hospital request. Technology is used to streamline hospital processes to help the department provide the best service possible. HL7 or custom interfaces can be provided to send or exchange information with external systems using the TDSS Interface Engine.
Available with the following technologies:
     · One-way and Two-way Text Messaging (and Pagers)
     · Interactive Voice Response (Telephone)
     · Palm Pilot Systems
     · Microsoft SQL Server database for Hospital wide distribution
     · Web Portal (Internet Access)

The TDSS Patient Transport system is available in 4 versions - Standard, Professional, Premuim and Enterprise.

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