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Convergent Software Systems, Inc.

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Dear Customer,


Our hearts are with those around the world impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  TDSS is doing our part to help you in any way we can. We are offering at no cost to all customers, any customized workflows, notifications, features and service lines, that will help you meet the challenges of this outbreak.


Some TDSS features that you may find useful:

  • Isolation notification with TDSS Bed Board

  • Manually add, edit, or remove precautions in TDSS Bed Board. This workflow is for hospitals that do not have an established orders interface with their EMR. Please contact TDSS to verify if your facility has this interface.

    • Best practice is to have this information automatically populated by your hospitals EMR

  • Create customized automated processes in TDSS Cleaning upon patient discharge, for example
    • Isolation discharge cleans

    • Special Covid-19 cleans

      • This includes transfers to other units when Covid-19 isolation is in use

  • Customize workflows

    • Automated inspections

    • Automated UV clean process upon complete of discharge cleans

    • Automated Curtain replacement task upon arrival of cleaner

      • TDSS can also create a notification to any email if this task is handled outside of EVS

  • Customize notifications to any email, text, or pager

    • Any time a patient with isolation information including Covid-19 is discharged or moved

    • Any escalation parameters based on time, location, or Job

  • New and/or custom Jobs

    • Customized jobs based on new workflows

    • Transport Jobs to help move critical hospital supplies

    • EVS/Transport job specific to Covid-19 protocols

  • Track patient encounters

    • See each person associated with the Job

      • Task requester

      • Task dispatcher

      • Employee(s) completing work

      • Any handoff information

      • Realtime notes and activity

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