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The Housekeeping module tracks the housekeepers within the hospital, which tasks they are assigned to and their status. Housekeepers are clocked into the system when they begin each shift and can then be assigned to Housekeeping Tasks/calls. After they complete the task, the dispatcher can assign them to the next task or the system can be set up to dispatch automatically.

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Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center
Calls can be prioritized and Units can be tracked by the number of beds clean, dirty, etc. If purchased with the Transport module, the system can be set up to automatically create a Housekeeping call when a patient is discharged using the Transport Software or through an ADT (Admission/Discharge/Transfer) interface. HL7 or custom interfaces can be provided to send or exchange information with external systems using the TDSS Interface Engine.
Available with the following technologies:
      · One-way and Two-way Text Messaging (and Pagers)
      · Interactive Voice Response (Telephone)
      · Microsoft SQL Server database for Hospital wide distribution
      · Web Portal (Internet Access) for Hospital wide and External access
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