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Environmental Services

Answer key questions to get cleaning teams running smoothly and responding more quickly. TDSS software automates the scheduling, coordination, communication, and deployment of staff and cleaning jobs. Real time data and analytics bring visibility into staff effectiveness and cost savings. With TDSS, eliminate the non-value added work so your cleaners can focus on servicing and satisfying your customers.

Standard Services

On Demand Call Management

Reduce complaints by quickly turning around customer clean requests. Any guest or employee can submit a request that is tracked, prioritized, and automatically assigned to a specific staff member.

Duty List Automation

Maintain consistent service levels by adjusting a staff member’s duty list in real time. If one person is falling behind, easily reassign tasks to another. Staff always know which tasks are next and what tasks they’re accountable for.

Scheduled Task Management

Deploy staff strategically and eliminate time spent manually dispatching tasks. Daily, routine tasks are tracked and assigned to the appropriate staff. Tasks for one staff member and projects requiring multiple staff are all tracked/coordinated.

Data and Analytics

Control key metrics and optimize workflow efficiencies by using real time data. Data is aggregated across one or more facilities. Custom analytics are defined for each site’s unique needs, allowing you to pinpoint strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Healthcare Applications

Bed Management

Integration with the Bed Management module and an existing ADT system creates a live view of bed status. The resulting ability to track infection and precaution statuses can lead to a cleaner and safer healthcare environment.

Tasks can be automatically created as patients are transported or discharged, eliminating the need for manual task entry and leading to faster bed turnaround times. 

TDSS Analyzes

& Reports

Calculates task length

& metrics

Escalates tasks

Preps data & reports


Staff Members

Receive Tasks

View duty lists

Execute Tasks

Update task status

Raise concerns


TDSS Manages

Requests / Tasks

Assigns tasks

Creates duty lists

Alerts staff

Tracks task status


Cleaning Service

Requests Created



Triggered by events

Created by sensors


Enhance productivity with modern technology.

TDSS Mobile Web Applications

Receive job status updates in real time and eliminate time spent with landline phones and pagers. With handheld devices, management and staff track task completion times, manage duty lists, receive alerts, and more.

QR Code Service Requests

Any employee can quickly create a request by scanning QR Codes with a Smartphone. QR Code labels are placed in key locations where people often need service. For example, a QR code scanned near a room’s entrance can create a cleaning request for that room.

Smart Traffic Management

Maximize facility cleanliness by knowing which areas to clean when. Sensors count how many visitors use a restroom or waiting area for example, and automatically dispatch clean requests after reaching a preset threshold of visitors.

Improve Staff Efficiency &

Focus on Results

  • Predict what needs cleaning and when based on visitor traffic and data

  • Speed up response times by automatically dispatching staff

Save Money,

Lower Costs

  • Lower costs with increased staff productivity and accountability

  • Clean shared spaces faster and increase utilization rates

Reduce Complaints,

Deliver Cleaner Facilities

  • Resolve issues quickly with real time customer requests and feedback

  • Maintain consistent service levels with immediate status updates

Continuously Improve Operations

  • Manage duty lists and reassign staff when tasks are delayed

  • Find potential problems and process bottlenecks using data analytics

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