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Your entire facility in one dashboard.

The TDSS Cloud System

With the TDSS Cloud System, you can manage the many disparate systems within the healthcare environment from a single Command Center- bringing real time visibility to all operational systems.


From patient placement to the engineering requests that keep your site running smoothly, the service system streamlines workflow and automates inter-department coordination, ultimately leading to faster patient throughput and increased satisfaction. License all services or choose a select few for a custom solution tailored to your organization, regardless of its size or scope.

Bed Management A cloud-based Bed Board allows you to view all beds in the facility as well as patient indicators like age, sex, isolation, and more. Integration with Patient Transport and Housekeeping provides seamless patient throughput. 

Patient Flow

Patient Transport  Manage all auto-created and manually entered transport requests. Bed status is automatically updated to dirty through ADT interface integration- triggering a clean request in the Housekeeping module. Units can see real-time info such as request status, equipment, and isolation. 

Housekeeping Track automated, on-demand, and routine cleaning tasks. You can also organize activity lists for daily cleaning schedules and monitor staff progress. EVS techs use mobile devices to to add and update jobs on the floor, giving you access to employee performance in real time. 

Auto-created discharge cleans based on patient movement, jobs generated by traffic monitoring sensors, and clean requests created by QR codes are just a few of the ways the Housekeeping module can automate daily workflow. 

Peri-Op (Surgery) Monitor the status of surgical suites, and manage patient movement and suite cleaning in the perioperative department.

Linen  Automate linen ordering through integration with QR codes, or take a manual approach by entering tasks as needed.

Support Services

Mobility (Traction) Request special mobility calls through TDSS such as out-of-bed and back-to-bed tasks.

Physical Therapy Allow the physical therapy department or call center to schedule sessions based on patient needs. The physical therapy module integrates with Patient Transport to create transport requests without any additional manual scheduling.

Food and Nutrition Track and monitor food and catering requests, food service equipment delivery, diet consultations, and special dietary requests from the nutrition department and nursing units. Implementation of Par Stocking (optional) allows for the tracking of food par levels in each kitchen or unit area, and can increase order efficiency and automatically report chargebacks to a cost center. 

Materials Management Manage supply orders and requests to ensure each area of the facility is stocked with the right products and equipment. TDSS can also interface with an external inventory management system to receive an item inventory.

Interpreter Services  The interpreter Services department (or a centralized dispatch center) can manage Translation requests through TDSS- units can input and track their requests for an interpreter, and the system will automatically assign tasks to interpreters based on the language required. 

Security Input security requests and made by unit users or a dispatch center and monitor security staff rounds. Optional QR code implementation can allow security personnel to quickly scan and update their location as they walk the facility. 

Valet Allow the valet department to track and monitor manually created car moves, or automate the process with SMS. When valet customers are ready to leave, they can take a picture of their valet ticket and text TDSS. This will automatically create a task for a valet to get their car.

Mail Schedule package pickup and packaging supply delivery from the mail room, track mail routes, and schedule rounds. 

Courier Manage courier requests for internal or external pickup and delivery of medical records, x-ray film, specimens, and other materials. QR code implementation can make daily rounds visible as staff update their location throughout the facility. 

Offsite Track offsite trips and requests to external locations.

General Services Track generic schedules and appointments, including  specialized calls that do not fall into other service lines.

Engineering Engineering requests can be managed directly by engineering personnel, or by the Service Center who are in contact with engineering employees. An interface to engineering systems can also be created to facilitate this process,  while maintaining the ability for engineering personnel to update and add notes to the ticket in the TDSS web portal. 


Regulatory Review requirements for accreditation with a thorough survey. Any non-compliance creates a follow-up task for resolution in the appropriate service line.

Information Services (Ticketing) Input requests for any needed IT service requests throughout the facility. IT personnel can update the ticket with any specific notes while users monitor progress.

Site Survey Create schedules for management to walk the facility and review hospital condition. Follow up tasks can be created for any necessary adjustments. These tasks are automatically assigned to the correct service line and employee for completion, and all task progress can be monitored within the Site Survey service line.

Specialty Beds Manage deployment of specialty beds and equipment to various locations, and track time in use for cases where equipment is rented.


Patient Equipment  Allow units to order patient equipment, and create schedules for equipment to be be picked up for maintenance or delivered to a pool.

Asset Management Track information such as the serial number and brand of individual assets, along with an unlimited number of custom attributes. Manage scheduled maintenance to auto-create work orders at the appropriate time. Asset tracking (optional) uses low cost beacons to find the location of any asset in the facility, and log its past movement. 

Clinical Engineering (BioMed)  Allow Clinical Engineering staff to schedule routine preventative maintenance, prioritize work orders, and track their status.. Staff can enter requests for maintenance and repair of medical equipment.

Re-admissions After a patient is discharged, a task is created with patient info for a follow up call. These calls can customized based on diagnosis, and customized by the quality assurance department to collect data required by regulatory agencies. The assigned caller can then follow-up with the patient to check on their recovery and satisfaction. 


Welcome Calls Welcome Calls are automatically created in the TDSS system when a patient is admitted to the hospital. The call is then assigned to an agent or volunteer, who calls the patient to ask if there is anything they can do to make their stay more comfortable. If the patient requests a service, the agent can then create a new task for the appropriate service. These calls, in combination with discharge calls, can have a positive impact on patient satisfaction.

Opinion (Employee Feedback) Track employee feedback with a defined set of questions on a given topic. Follow up contact requests can be created for specific calls, or at random to ensure satisfactory resolutions. Requests can then be tracked and reported on. 

Wellness (Employee Health) Manage employee care through follow-up calls with employees that have health issues, and create contact requests to assist in maintaining compliance with EHS-mandated requirements such as TB shots, tobacco cessation, and more. Users can log in to the system to see any requirements that need to be addressed.

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