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a worker using TDSS to manage tasks

Take Control of Your Workflow and Data

The TDSS Service System

​Manage all Service Center Operations from a single system.


Effectively manage facility operations through the command center by addressing maintenance requests, scheduled preventive maintenance, and extended projects.


The TDSS automated cloud system efficiently handles both daily scheduled and on-demand housekeeping requests. By integrating with the bed management system, the system can automatically generate bed clean tasks and notify staff of their task assignments.

Patient Transport

Our fully automated Transport System is capable of efficiently managing requests for both Patient and Item transport requests, assigning to staff as needed. This system seamlessly integrates with our Bed Management system to ensure efficient patient throughput.

Bed Management

Control the bed management and and bed clean process at your hospital with the TDSS Bed Management System. Easily view bed status, precautions, and more on the Bed Board, and streamline housekeeping workflow with Automated Discharge Cleans.

a man using a cell phone to access TDSS
Text to Clean >

Text messaging offers a convenient and efficient means for both employees and visitors to request cleaning and maintenance services in a designated location or area, such as a restroom or any other public space.

Traffic Monitoring >

Sensors can be strategically placed in in high-traffic locations to measure the volume of people passing through. This data is then used to generate timely cleaning requests within the TDSS system, ensuring that cleaning efforts are efficiently allocated and increasing guest satisfaction.

QR Codes >

Empower employees and guests to effortlessly create task requests by simply scanning a QR Code using their mobile devices. By strategically placing user-friendly signage throughout your premises, individuals can easily request services such as cleaning or restocking supplies.

Touchless Solutions

Mobile Integration

Our web based service is compatible with any device that supports a web browser. Outside of your command hub, managers and staff can easily access needed systems using a tablet or mobile device.

Enterprise Management

Streamline your systems and increase visibility and accountability by keeping track of your workforce and assets in real time. 

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