TDSS Facilities Management System

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The TDSS Engineering Module was created to offer hospitals a way to organize their Hospital Facilities Maintenance requests.  Requestors enter jobs into TDSS and their job is automatically assigned to an engineer to perform the task.  Engineers receive the tasks via a handheld or tablet device and can update the job real time.  Those requests that cannot be performed immediately can be suspended or escalated to the appropriate resource accordingly.  Preventive maintenance systems can be interfaced with TDSS to allow those jobs to be automatically added to the day’s tasks.  Once those jobs have been performed, TDSS can notify the Preventive maintenance system the job was performed and whom had done it.


Engineering is a module is the TDSS Call Center System.  Hosting multiple modules within one application is what sets us apart from other systems.  The TDSS Call Center System can create actions within other modules and allow for seamless workflow processes.  Examples of this would be where the Engineering Module can create a job for a housekeeper in the EVS module to clean a room upon completion of a job, or where the Bed Management Module can notify Engineering when a patient has been discharged so they can have access to a patient room.


The TDSS Call Center has been developed with hospital operations as its focus.  Scalability and flexibility of the system allows the hospital the ability to start with a single module, simply add additional modules within a single hospital facility or all hospital facilities as desired. 


Benefits of System

  • Organization of Requests

  • Tracking of tasks from request to completion

  • Interoperability between separate hospital departments

  • Real Time Reporting of requests

  • Predictive deployment of resources and review of current jobs assigned to each person

  • Historical Analysis of requests

  • Accountability




TDSS Products for Healthcare

Engineering Module Features

  • Ability to auto assign new hospital facilities requests to engineer

  • Enterprise Application where multiple hospital facilities can be managed from single system

  • Manage all Engineer requests for all hospital facilities from 1 screen

  • Highly accessible where engineer can utilize handheld or tablet devices to update task status

  • Interoperability where Engineering Module can notify Housekeeping to clean room after task completed

  • Interoperability where Engineer can suspend tasks for parts order and create event to print or email request to supervisor or procurement

  • Ability to email requesting department once end-user request has been completed