TDSS Patient Transport System

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The TDSS Patient Transport System is a cloud-based system that automates Patient Transport Services tracking of patient and material movements throughout the hospital.  Cloud systems require minimal IT involvement and offer greater flexibility and scalability.

Transport requests are entered and received via multiple communications, depending on your hospital’s technology infrastructure (phone, IVR, web portal, iPod, iPad, Mobile device or through the hospital Medical Information System Interface).  Requests can be prioritized as needed and transporters can be reassigned on tasks in the queue. 

The system is fully automated and uses zoning, skills, job types, priorities, proximity to assign tasks automatically to transporters.


TDSS assists the Transport department efficiencies, ensuring that transport requests are sequenced to maximize transporter’s productivity, enabling us to increase trip volumes to reduce the time our clinical team partners spend transporting patients. Extensive reports are available to help management evaluate transporter productivity, trends, department delays, etc.  Data can also be easily transferred to other programs for further analysis.  Technologies can be matched to a hospital’s IT processes to provide best-in-class service.


The TDSS Transport module is fully integrated with the Bed Management module and automatically alerts the appropriate Environmental Services worker of a bed clean request.  At the same time, your Patient Placement team knows instantly current and potential bed availability which increases the usage of your most valuable asset, beds.

Below you can see a sample of the system.

Men and women symbol as concept background - toilet signs - Restroom - Black and White

TDSS Products for Healthcare

       Patient Transport Features


  • Automate Processes

  • Gives real-time access to transport information – Web Requestor

  • Track delays and bottlenecks

  • Pinpoint employee productivity improvement opportunities

  • Identify department bottlenecks

  • Event triggers can perform pre-defined actions

  • Built in security

  • Build in audit trail

  • User friendly

  • 2-way pager capability

  • iPod /  iPad mobile device compatible

  • Scalable to meet Enterprise needs

  • Color coded schemes to highlight essential data

  • Fully customizable

  • Robust reports

  • ADT HL7 Interfaces